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Over the course of its long history, the city was conquered and destroyed many times but always rose again. Nowadays Moscow is an important economic, political and scientific centre as well as an attractive destination for the aristocracy.

Moscow is a city of contrasts. It’s the far East for Europeans and the far West for most Russians, with its true identity landing exactly in the middle. It’s a city with a bull’s-eye center — the Kremlin — from where rings of culture radiate throughout the country and the world. Its bright colors and winter landscapes welcome both tourists and locals to feel at home.

In the Center in the city you can find historical houses, after repair they become modern and comfortable. Moreover, year by year Moscow estate market become younger, to much new building, beautiful and hight skyscraper, as for commercial goals, as apartments for living.

The luxury homes in Moscow are synonymous with absolute prestige and elegance, and the quality of a home is measured by its size: thanks to its status as one of the most expensive cities in the world, having a large property in Moscow is a real status symbol. During the last few years Moscow’s property sector has adapted with success to the requests from wealthy foreign buyers. If you are looking for a luxury home don’t miss the central areas of the city around the streets of Ostozhenka and Yakimanka, as well as Sadovoe Koltso. Alternatively the new, modern area of Moscow City is growing fast and offers the opportunity to buy exclusive penthouses, prestigious apartments and also commercial properties. Moscow is home to some of the most spectacular luxury properties in the world with some of the most desirable being the penthouses with panoramic views which can often be found on Tverskaya and Arbat or in the area of Sparrow Hills. These fantastic homes attract wealthy entrepreneurs, nobles and the elite thanks to the total privacy they offer. In the outskirts, the villages of luxury homes are a good alternative for those looking for a property in the Greater Moscow area (Barvikha, Novorizhskoe highway and Rublevo-Uspenskoe) as well as a sophisticated home with plenty of space. It is no surprise that many famous VIPs choose to live in these areas.

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